Shake, shake shake shake shake it!

So i went over to my friend's apartment on Thursday night and we had some martinis that she wipped up:

The first batch of martinis were delicious! Not too strong and they were just yummy. But the second ones were way too strong and I don't think martinis go well with pizza which is what we had for dinner! She made it our "Ghoul's Day" because we won't get to spend Halloween with each other.
Plus I made some brownies which were delicious:

And later on when we got the pizza not Lauren or Tina could open the packet of napkins. It was so funny. Tina (whom is pictured here) had to take her keys out and rip it open!

I love those two ladies! They are awesome!
Plus we are going to see NKTB on Monday and we are all sooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!
It's in Madison Square Garden and we get to spend about two hours walking around NYC. How fab does that sound???
Ok gotta go.
Meeting up with my other friends Quynh and Moni to see Moni's apt. and FINALLY meet her BF of however long Jay. (Moni if you read this it's about time we meet Jay!!!!!)
Updates soon to follow!

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