Hate to love getting paid

So work sucks and I am soooooo tired. On my unit we used to have 4 techs on if the census (# of pts on the whole unit) was above 25. But for some stupid reason we are REALLY short on staffing. They are even cuttin out nurses.

I'm so stressed out, tired, my feet hurt, and it sucks being here right now. I do get better pay than my previous jobs but not sure I am happy about this. It is just getting ridiculous how they are treating all the techs right now! This morning there were 2 techs! 2!!!!! That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Each tech basically had half the floor! And they concerned about patient safety. Well how this is going patients are going to be suffering cuz I cannot get to them all at once!

*Ok ... deep breathing....*

It's not going well either because I had a Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini

and it got "burned" and f*$&#@ up by the microwave at my work.

So it wasn't as delicious as it looks here!

But this is making my day of all hell breaking loose alot better:
It tastes so good. I actually have the half gallon bottle and I'm 3/4 of the way through with it. And I started drinking it at the beginning of my shift. Yum! Plus it has ZERO calories! Works for me!!!
Ok gtg.
Work is calling me back with it's hellish ways!
See ya!

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