Results are in!

YAY! I'm so very happy right now!

I just checked my grade (and i'm at home - btw i have DSL now instead of dial-up so it's AWESOME! thanks dad for upgrading!) and i got a

97.5% out of 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SO i get to celebrate and do a happy dance this week because i got that grade and that i'm done with class.

BUT next week we have our FIRST EXAM out of 2 exams. (yeah i know it's stupid. only 2 EXAMS and one final. it's worth 20% of my grade!!!!!!!!) so then i don't know how happy i am. i just hope to get a 73% or better on my exam. i will be happy with a 73% or better because right now all my grades are no lower than an 81.3%! I need to keep this grade up! This class is do or die for me and i cannot die and quit nursing school because of this one stupid class!!!!!

Ok done ranting. Going to watch Jon and Kate + 8 and eat and drink before i go see kev tonight.

Yay for me!

Pray that I do get a good grade next week! Please! I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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