Poor LP & politics can do harm to others???

So I might have mentioned that I absolutely love this one site and I go on it at least 5 times to just check it out.
She posted a video about the ladies on the view and how badly poor elizabeth gets teased because she is pretty much the only republican there. so they were talking about palin and how badly she has affected mccain's issues and that she is why mccain has lost so many voters.
Well LP posted this on her page and some of the people who read it went crazy! it was so mean of them because they told her that she shouldn't even mention politics on her blog and that they only thought that her blog was about beauty tips... ok come on now!!!!!! when someone creates a blog it is theirs to put on whatever the hell they want to put on the blog. if she wants to talk about what she believes in politically then it should be her RIGHT to put up whatever she wants on her OWN BLOG!
Luckily there are many, inlcuding me, who showed her love and told her that she should not change what she does on her blog because some crazy chicks can't just skip over a blog title about politics.
and are politics that sticky that democrats and republicans can't just have a conversation about their differences...?
ok well maybe i just answered my own question... who knows! i know many republicans and even my best friends husband is a republican, my boyfriends family (most of them anyway) are republican, and sometimes my boyfriend sides with the GOP but i mean i still love them and we have tons in common!!! so this entry is dedicated to Lisa Paige: may she keep informing us of her opinions, her likes, her dislikes and more about herself because we all want to know.
thanks LP for all that you do!

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