Just another Thursday...

So this is me... at work (yesterday) being bored... haha
After work I went to Barnes and Noble and was waiting for Kevin (my boyfriend) to get out of class. It was such a yucky day and when I was sitting there reading my book the sun beamed at me that I had to take a picture! It looked so pretty. This pic doesn't do the sunset from yesterday any justice!

When I left B&N my car wouldn't start and I started to freak out! It is not a good thing when the colder seasons are coming and my car won't start NOW! I am freaked out because my car is not new and where I live it snows pretty badly most of the time. So hopefully God will take care of me and my car for the next year... at least!

I just finished taking a fluid calc exam which apparently only took me 25 minutes to take... that is very unlike me! But it was only 20 questions and it was fairly easy! And it was math! Make a mental note because this will probably will not happen again. I usually take the whole hour for a test!

Anyway, I shall go because class is about to begin!

See ya!

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