*"America's Favorite Family": The Gosselin's; and their book 'Multiple Blessings'*

I absolutely LOVE THIS FAMILY! Hence one of the reasons I bought this lovely magazine. I looked all over for it (since their episode aired about this cover page).

I give them all the props of the world because they have a HUGE family, they are still together (jon and kate), their show is nothing but love, and the best of all: they keep it real with tough love.

If there was one family I would like to join for the holidays it would be them (other than my own of course!). They have adorable, intelligent kids; a beautiful home; a wonderful marriage; and the patience of many saints.

Not sure if their book 'Multiple Blessings' is out yet but that will definitely be one that I have to read.

I'm going to see if I can get their shows season 1 and 2 for xmas.. Maybe even season 3. Those dvd's would be great to have. They always put a smile on my face when I see an episode on TLC. =)

Plus how gorgeous is Kate and all her kids?

If I'm right these are them (the pic from inside the magazine): {going L to R}
Kate, Leah (on Kate's lap), Collin, Alexis (on the high chair •i love her name•), Hannah (behind Leah), Joel (on Jon's lap), Jon, Aaden (in front of Mady), Mady (or Madelyn) and of course Cara.

When I saw that they get nasty e-mails criticizing them for having better perks (like going to NYC or Utah - pretty much for free) or how they do their parenting that gets me mad. They are blessed enough to be able to go here and there or have what they have. They work hard as a family and I know that trying to raise 8 growing kids with different personalities and likes is hard! I mean I have no kids of my own but I sometimes can't even keep up with my cousins little ones or my bf's nieces and nephews.

All I can say is that I hope God keeps blessing them with all great things. I really need to catch up on the past few weeks of episodes. Probably after my final in Dec.

From what I know they had been giving new episodes Monday nights at 9pm.
Keep a look out for their book 'Multiple Blessings' (I know I will!) And as soon as I get it/read it I will update here.


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