This Christmas

I just finished watching 'This Christmas' and absolutely loved it!!!

I wanted to see it last year (when it came out) but I never got the chance to catch it on the big screen.

*Gotta love getting free movies for three months! I love it!*

If you like a movie that is funny, filled with laughter, tough love, drama, and family centered this is the right movie for the holiday season!

It's going to be added to my wish list of movies. And I will try to watch this every year with many of my other favorite holiday season movies like 'Serendipity' (big romantic here), 'Elf' (a must!), and many more that I cannot think of for some reason!

Oh wait - it's 2 am and I have to be up before 8 am. Definitely worth staying up and seeing 'This Christmas' though.

What are the movies you like to see during the holiday season?


*Before today, I was definitely not in the christmas spirit. But after going out shopping for family and seeing all the decorations up I am feeling it! I love this time of year.*

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