i'm pissed!

So I got this new phone last week because my other phone was cracked, dirty, old and np internet access.
So my dear bf Kevin gave me a wonderful gift and wanna know what happened yesterday!?!?!?????
I F¤$€¥£G DROP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! UH! I AM STILL PISSED AT MYSELF!!!!!! And now it's cracked all down the right side of the screen which bothers me and I can't see what's on the right side of the screen! AHhhhhhhh!!!!
I was talking to Kevin and I was cursing up a storm!!! Ugh! Just thinking how stupid I have to be to crack this stupid phone when I don't even have it more than two weeks!
And what makes it worse is that this happened to my old phone about a week after I got it. So its retarded of me to do it AGAIN and not be more careful! So now I have to go to the Tmobile store see what I can do and what they can do to help me. More than likely I will get a new phone (which will cost an arm and a leg!) And definitely just get a cover for it! Especially something to protect my screen better!
This is so sad! My poor phone!
Will let you know how it goes!
I was also thinking if I could I would get this other phone that's thinner and would work better for me cuz it has media player, word and internet explorer. We'll see,
Especially moneywise!
Ok gtg. I'm in class and need to somewhat pay attention! Haha!

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