Lipstick Jungle

Just finished watching Thursdays episode of Lipstick Jungle and wow!
Like many other fans I think I am shocked that Nikko wants to keep this baby.
I mean it's not hers and she is going to be giving up sooo much including Kirby.
Poor Kirby - will he be left out and go away or will he stick around?

Plus Wendy got stumped by her hubby asking to have another baby!
I guess it really is true when they say people just want to have babies when they are around them. It just seems to happen a lot.

Speaking about pregnant women - they are EVERYWHERE!!!

I cannot tell you how many pregnant women I see everyday (that I go out anyway!) especially at work. There has to be at least 3 women doctors and 1 physical therapist that is preggers! I guess the water is being infested with pregnancy magic like it has been in Hollywood.

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