What I am thankful for:

(In no special order...)

•my dad: for showing me who I can be and that hard work really pays off in the end; without my dad I don't know how I would be able to be the woman I am today and he should know I will always love him forever. (Yes I am a daddy's girl: can't lie)
•my bf Kev: because he is one of the few people who actually can make me laugh, feel better when I am down, ground me when I'm flying in fifty different directions; he should deserve all the love I can give him for how much he has done for me these past few years. (I love you sweetie and yes he is the one...)
•all of my family (including Kev's fam): for supporting me and loving me as I am; we have had our big ups, downs, sideways, and backwards; yet I wouldn't trade any of you for the world; you are worth more than gold to me; and to Kev's fam I hope to be an 'official' fam member sometime in the not so distant future (I figure Kev and I are almost together four years what's another four or six???)
•Odie: for bringing joy like no other puppy has given me; he is a true, loyal friend of Kev and I; if he could live forever that would be great; yet we all know forever is never guaranteed but may he give us many laughs, smiles, petting time as he and all of us get older; he will always hold a great place in my heart and will NEVER EVER be forgotten (I won't let it happen as I have dozens of cute pics of him: especially of him cuddled in his new comfy bed!)
•my girl friends (you know who you are): if I had never met any of you I would never become the person I am today and the person I will grow to be as you each teach me something new about myself when we get together and when hours go by when we think it's only been a few minutes since we sat down with our first drinks. You have all seen me in my weakest times and I have seen you in yours, yet our friendship continues to get stronger as the years go by, and I am so grateful to say you are my friends. There are only a few people in this world (such as girl friends) that you tell those embarrassing tales of high school, college memories, work, boyfriends/fiances/husbands, and personal tragedies. Thank you all for being there for me and I hope that you all can keep coming to me with anything; let it be something small as a car ride to the grocery store or something for life by letting me be the godmother of your children (no pressure to those of you who are married/engaged... Ha ha...). I love you all and thank my lucky stars for having you in my life; I consider you a part of my never-ending-extended family.
•mami juanita: I made a "deal" with God a few years ago (when my late grandma passed away) that if he let me see my only living grandma only a few more times I would be able to accept him taking her away from us; not only has he kept that promise, but he's given me the most fantastic memories and many years of her coming to visit us; I thank God that he has given me that opportunity which I did not have with my other grandma; it's ok though because I have fond memories (even though they are distant and few) of my grammy, I love them both; I am grateful for having the best grandmothers a little girl can have; Te amo mami juani y mami magita!
•the roof over my head (and that's also thanks to my wonderful dad): I know there are so many people that are out there right now who are freezing and starving plus no bed to lie on; thank you God for my blessed home.
•my education: as the economy keeps dwindling and failing, there are many people (not only teenagers fresh out of high school) who cannot afford a college education; I was lucky enough to have supporting family (my dad especially) and thank the heavens for good financial aid; without my education I don't know what would have become of me; I know there are many who can make it without a four year degree or two year degree but I think that in my own personal opinion I need education to get me farther; also being a hard worker helps: which I hope in the end I will become a successful RN, BSN come next years holiday season.
•my job(s): again there are many people who are without jobs but I have one that is not very "stable" yet it allows me to work and pay my bills; I thank my employer for giving me the opportunity to see many interesting and heart wrenching cases; one of the reasons I want to become a nurse is to be able to give the patient some comfort while they are in the hospital setting and give myself some more experience to be able to become a great nurse when I finish nursing school.

Well as I have said before I love every person and am thankful for them as I write about them here.

I love you all.

God Bless, don't stuff yourself too much, and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!

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