At the dentist

I might have a cavity which would not be cool!
My jaw started feeling numb and hurting real bad! So bad I couldn't really chew and I had to forcefully eat because I knew I needed the energy in me.
I told my dad and he told me to see if they could fit me in this week ... And they did. . . Hopefully its not a cavity!
The thing that's sooo stupid is that it doesn't hurt as much as it did last night! That always happens! If I don't feel good or something hurts I try to take care of myself. But if it gets too bad I'll set up an appt with my doc. Then the day I have the appt whatever was bothering me isn't as bad or not hurting me at all!
Well I'm in the chair so I'll go now. Try to look for something funny so I can cheer myself up. Will update later!
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