Gettin my VOTE ON!!!

So of course EVERYONE in the U.S. knows (and probably the whole world) that today is election day! I'n excited and at the same time real nervous because this election decides our FUTURE! And whether Obama wins or McCain wins let's just ALL hope they make a difference for the better of this country! Let's hope that the 'evils'of politics and money doesn't stop either candidate from making this a better country than it is now.let's hope they make wise decisions once in office!
And I mean if Obama wins he'll be the very FIRST African-American Christian in the White House. On the other hand if McCain wins he will be the FIRST candidate to have a WOMAN as a vice-president!!!
This is one for ALL the record books! I know there are so many ppl who CAN'T vote so I will be taking advantage of being able to vote!
If you have already: GOOD JOB!
Ok I'll go now. Will update as the day goes on.
I am working a 12 hour shift today so it will be a LONG day for me!
Good luck America! Let all the votes be seen as a positive outcome from all the political bs that has occured in the past 21 months!
May the best man OR woman win!!!

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