*Enjoying your life; and the way you look*

As I sit here and read this article in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING I completely agree with this author.

She writes what a lot of people should know about the truth of dieting and really being happy with your life, how you look and what you do.

"Two years of dieting and the end result is that you lose 10 pounds and gain back four? Hmm. There's gotta be a better way to spend your time.

"There is. It's called: Live the life you have. Love the body you got. (This is not the same thing as: Give up and binge.)

"Part of the reason that diets don't work is that when we are obsessively focused on how much we weigh, we are not focused on doing what we love or on loving what we love. We are thinking about what we will look like when we lose weight. We are spending our days counting calories or fat grams, as if we have forever to be alive, forever to turn to what we truly love.
"Every one of us has a terminal illness: It's called life. Although we want to believe that death only happens to other people, it only takes a second or two to realize that the D word is going to happen to us, too. A car accident. A serious illness. An iffy mammogram. Suddenly, it's our life that's at stake. Our life whose stitches are numbered. (Because they are. You just don't know what the number is.)"
~Geneen Roth~
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Read the rest of the article on the November issue of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

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