Hybernating turtle

This is my lovely pet turtle Squirt! I just cleaned his tank and he's already pooped! =p
He's sleeping now cuz it's colder now and it's his time to not eat and poop like a piggy!
Ain't he cute???
I love lookin' at him cuz he looks so peaceful!
His name is Squirt and actually don't know if my turtle is a he or she. Forget how to tell. I got him as a baby, baby so it was hard to tell then. Let me know if you know!
Watchin 'John Edward Cross Country'. I believe in this stuff so I like watchin it. It's so freaky but I believe that it helps people have some closure about their past loved ones. I think that one of my couple friends needs this type of closure... Don't know if they believe in it or not though. Hmmmmmm.....
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