*dog talk: marley & me*

So we went to see Marley & Me today... SO SAD but the greatest movie I have seen this year... (hehehe).
And yes this isn't Marley but this is Odie. He isn't doing so good these days... Both Kev and I are VERY upset about it... actually it's pretty much all the family is upset about it. Ain't he CUTE??? Odie is so comforting and loving. He always wags his tail at me when I get to Kev's house and always is there to greet me.
I love this puppy sooo much... and Kev loves him so much more...
So if you've ever lost a doggie how do you suggest we "prepare" for ... you know... his passing away... I'm even getting teary eyed as I think about it right now.
Please send suggestions... need all the help I can get.

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