Happy Birthday, little blog of mine!

I feel so bad that I missed my blogs 1st birthday on Tuesday June 9!

It's been a long road to where I am now.
I don't have many followers but I have come across many, many GREAT and wonderful bloggers all around the country {and the world!}.

To those who do follow me: THANK YOU!

It means so much to have my very own little community and 'family' in the blogging world.

I have learned so much from ALL of you and have made me not only a better blogger but also a better person.

I have gone through MANY template changes on this blog and I'm happy with what I have now.

I like changing it every so often because I feel it isn't bringing out my personality or feelings I have at that moment. Or I get bored very easily with the font/color/template so I decide to change it once more. I wish I could just pick one and stick with it but I'm afraid that won't happen... anytime soon anyway.

I have some who comment every now and again and I love seeing that the 'effort' I put into the post doesn't go unnoticed. I also like to see the counter at the bottom of my blog keep going up and up and UP! I'm already past the 1,000 mark (and I know most of those aren't really people who read this blog but ya know... still makes me smile once in awhile.)

I really didn't start this blog to become famous or have thousands of followers (which I accomplished neither) and that is ok.

I wanted this blog to remind myself of who I was, what I liked and who I was becoming over the years. Even if sometimes my posts are just a random picture or a random quote or thought, I still want to have that 'recorded' somewhere for me to look back and see what my 20-something self was wondering or thinking or liking.

And if I happen to have children one day, I want to be able to have some kind of journal to tell stories about and have them see it and say "hey. my mom was an actual person who had feelings, who thought like I do at that age." I wish I had started one sooner because writing to me is a bit of a sanctuary and somewhat of a stress reliever of all the pains and sufferings that go inside my head and inside my heart. I have so many things I wanted to say but never had anyone to listen to them or even read them. In my teenage years I can say that I was somewhat depressed and in search for my true self ... and in someways I still am. But by not writing out the words or saying them out loud that were held inside I think I did a world of hurt to others around me that I truly treasured and loved.

I am a person who keeps a lot of things to herself, even now, and I think I have my younger version of me to blame because I never let out all that anger and hurt and depression out of my head. I was a rebelious kid (even if my parents and friends deny it... since I come off as a 'good girl' with my straight A's through high school and fitting in within the average group) and I hurt a lot of my family along the way since I decided to take many wrong turns in my life.

So in someways starting this blog a year ago I wanted some sort of relief from all that is held inside of me. I don't think I ever thought of it this way but yeah. It's a weight lifter off of my shoulders and heart because I can voice what I want to on here that I couldn't say when I was a younger girl.

Well, this post was never meant to be a self proclamation post but it did and I'm really not sorry for that! haha

I think I need these posts to help me out with things I hold inside and put in the corner. Because if they don't come out or I don't resolve them, I think I will be hurting others more than I hurt myself.

I guess you can say this is the very cheap version of going to see a professional psychologist!

So blogging world: Don't think I'm going away anytime soon! I have many more things I want to say and many more things I want to see, learn, experience through this little blog of mine. And if someday I have over 4 real followers I won't mind it whatsoever! ;)

Thank you all who do read this looooooooooong post and to all of you who do come read/see my blog regularly and aren't a follower I thank you as well! You are one of the reasons I keep this blog and don't make it private! Because if that counter stayed at 2 views... then forget about it! I would just go private! But seeing those numbers rise and rise, I figure I must be doing something right!

Thank YOU ALL again lovely followers and bloggers! You inspire me every day and I hope I can somehow someday return the favor!

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Marie S said...

WTG!!! Happy Birthday and many many more.
Lovely post, by the way!! :-)

Gabby said...

Happy birthday to your blog! I feel pretty similar to you about my blog.

Thanks for the comment on mine. Have a lovely day!