Well this is cool!

I just added this new Zemanta plugin for blogger and I'm liking it.

Jennifer AnistonImage by Lord_Henry via Flickr

It's something new and I decided that it would make updating my blogs {yes plural... why i do it... cuz i wanna.. hehe}. anywho, in very layman's terms this plugin helps you set up links to things you are writing about on your post.
Say for example, I want to write about Jennifer Aniston right? Instead of looking up pictures on google or yahoo or anywhere this lovely plugin called Zemanta does it for me. To the right of my

post is a little sidebar with all sorts of pictures that I can choose from like this one:

So all I had to do was click on it and it appears on my post!

Plus, it also does the link for me at the bottom of the image and i don't

Brad PittBrad Pitt via

have to do the whole highlight, copy link, press link button, paste link and then it would show. Nope. Not no more! In addition to linking the pics it also links different words in your post like say Brad Pitt will be highlighted now because it gives me different sites to have the link to it... ok that maybe made no sense but if you add this plugin you'll know what I mean if you didn't get what I meant just now.

It definitely saves me time! Which is always a plus!!!

Also, for labels {i like me labels} it already gives you suggestions that you would only have to click on them instead of writing them all out!

Oh and one little last feature {that I know of anyway} is the link that can appear at the buttom of my post. It gives you different sites for anything you have posted {such as Jenn Aniston or Zemanta} so if your readers want to check out other posts about the same topics they can! So to check out more on Zemanta {and maybe Jenn} I'll give you some more links at the bottom!

Hope you get the plugin!

It's definitely cool and a time saver {calling all mom's and busy peeps in the world!!!}

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