I have reached my ultimate breaking point.

with my weight.

I knew I was gaining (not going to lie to myself about that) ... but didn't know I was gaining THIS much! ah!

I hate the yo-yo dieting and going on a 'diet' is just crazy. I've tried Weight Watchers before and it has worked!

But with school and working night shift it is just ever too crazy to get back into the rhythm of exercising and doing the points and going to meetings. There just isn't enough time in the days/weeks of my current life to do all that.

I am going to try to cut on all the fried food and the candies and sweets ... it'll be hard but.... my body and organs will thank me later.

i hope!

if i had the time i would put more effort into exercising in everyday and plan my meals ahead of time. but for now i will just not buy any bad food and not eat it. more fresh veggies, low fat, fat free, low calorie, high fiber, more protein foods in my diet are needed.

if you have any suggestions on how i can accomplish this... please let me know.

and I can't believe I'm going to admit this but: the reason I hit this ultimate breaking point is that I actually had a hole in my pants. i tried to trick myself by saying that it was just an old pair of jeans but my brain knew better. it was because i have gained A LOT of weight! ALOT!!!!!!


I love to hate to love food but... i don't know if all this fat can give me a coronary one day. =(

we shall see how this big breaking point will help me. i have done it before (when i was even 10 lbs lighter than i am now) and it did work cuz i lost 6 lbs and... gained it all {plus some} back....

more later on this crazy thing i call my everest: to lose weight.


kirstyb said...

i hate gaining weight especially when you dont realise and then when yo see a photo of yourself and think og my god! xoxox

kSbl said...

Yeah. That's the worst! haha.

Thanks for visiting!

kathleen said...

I used to do Weight Watchers too and it definitely works, but it's sooo hard to get back into once it's been a while! I feel you!