Remembering the great Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
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So as you probably already know, Michael Jackson passed away Thursday afternoon due to a heart attack. I feel so saddened by this that I need to take some time to actually take time to post some videos and pictures on here because he was one of the artists that have influenced me while I was a young girl and loved his songs. Yes I was not born for some of his major hits and very young when the above song was released but I still loved it.

That was the magic of Michael Jackson though. He reached many, many generations of people and his songs are very relatable and extraordinary. I loved Thriller, You are not alone, and even one of the most recent songs he released You Rock My World.

I can't stop thinking how many people he has impacted around the world and over so many years.
He was great!
Some more of my fave videos of him:

Gotta love the '80s!

Oh I wish I was able to do this. I need to learn the whole routine. One of my life goals... =):

May he now rest in peace as we remember him through his music, his legacy and his strength and brilliance that was his life and music.
God Bless his family.

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