She got it!

Remember I said that I sent Katie this box?
Well, she got it!
The following are pictures of what she got when she opened the box from above.
I wrote her a little something and laid it on top of all the things I love:
I decided {to try to be cute} that I would send all the little things in little baby hats since she just gave birth to her beautiful little girl Oakley!
Isn't that such a great name???
This little hat contained Victoria Secret lotion and lipgloss (which I love and use).
I also attached little cards containing quotes I love.
The second little hat contained a wind chime:

And this is the wind chime in all its glory:

And last but not least I gave her 3 of my favorite kind of tarts from yankee candle!
Christmas Cookie, Mango Peach Salsa, and Red Apple Wreath.
After I closed up the box, I could smell the yumminess coming from these tarts!
I hope that this is what it somewhat looked like inside when Katie opened the box.

I really hope that she liked what I sent. I mean, I have very little creativity and if I tried to make something myself it would've turned out horrible so I opted to send something that I usually use on a daily basis and of course something that I love!
I loved being a part of this swap and can't wait to see what Katie sent me!
Will update with pics later!
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