Holy high heels, Jonas brothers!

I can't believe I am doing a post about the Jonas brothers. But it's like that annoying friend that just.won't.go.away.
Check this video out and let me know what you think... Flippin' hilarious.

He really needs to learn some moves. haha!
Found vid here.
Is it true: men who are great on the dance floor are also great in bed?
And is a good guy dancer a turn on?
And do you care if your guy is a good dancer or not?
For me: I could care less!!!
If my guy was just on the dance floor with me and let me do my thing and not be embarassed, then why should I be embarrased that he can't dance???
But I gotta admit Gilles from DWTS was freaking good and ever sooo sexy on the dance floor so... *sigh* His wife is a VERY lucky woman!