Oh vacation.

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Wouldn't I like to take a vacation?
Where, do you ask?
Anywhere but here.
Anywhere sunny and where they serve some margaritas all day long and I can get a great tan...
Oh that would be a vacation.
NO worries, no responsibilities, no school, no work.
How great would that be?
But not for me. Not right now. I can't wait to get to that point of my life where I can take a vacation: FINALLY!

Map of Ecuador showing location of QuitoImage via Wikipedia

I would love to go to Ecuador again and see my family and just take in all the beautiful landscape and nature there is!!!

Where would you go?
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Gabby said...

I was JUST daydreaming about going somewhere warm this weekend! I would loooove to go to Ecuador...

kSbl said...

Ecuador is amazing this time of year! Even though it has crazy rains in the middle of the day and it's hot as balls in the coast, it is just gorgeous!

Plus all the stuff there is flippin' cheap!

I love going to all the different markets and getting so many artisans things there.
If you ever have the chance - GO!