Long time ago pics

that i never posted from my bday.
{at least i don't think i did}
Kev's parents took me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday and I was so excited.
I have been wanting to go there for a long time now and decided that a birthday dinner would be a perfect opportunity for trying it out.

It did NOT disappoint! The bread was AMAZING!!! We filled up on so much bread that when our entrees came, we couldn't finish them! Plus, the honey butter they gave us made the bread even better! We ate so much of the bread because we had to wait for a table for approx. 50 min since we didn't call in early and it was a friday night. Bad idea. We know for next time!

Kev really liked his food. He digged in really fast.

And no. The Corona isn't for Kev. It was mine. I was the bday girl. Had to ask for a little somethin somethin. I also love the fact that Kev's mom ordered one with me! I love that woman! She's always up to trying something different with me when we go out to eat together!
And this was my dinner:

The meat REALLY did just pull off the bone. Best ribs ever! {I know there has to be better out there, but I'm an east coast girl so these are the best out here!}
Plus the decor of the place was awesome. Don't ya think? ;P

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