It is raining.

Glasgow Thunder and LightningImage by drunkenmonky via Flickr

Except for yesterday (sunday) it has been raining all weekend!
and now I can hear thunder and it has suddenly become dark in my living room (and it is only 3:40 in the afternoon!)
why doesn't summer want to stay in my town???
oh. there goes lightning AND thunder. which made a car alarm go off.
and is still going.
Don't get me wrong.

i love me some rain and thunderstorm. but i mean, come on! isn't 3 days enough for rain???? =(

I better not hear the weather ppl say "we are in a drought" because I may just have to kick someone.

Can u tell i'm a bit bitter about the weather??? But I have been waiting after the VERY LONG winter weather for my summer sun-time!!!

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